The main barn

Pine Crest Farm LLC

Be your best with Pine Crest

Pine Crest Farm LLC is located on Deep Run Hunt Club's equine facility in picturesque Manakin-Sabot, VA. The stables are located on 40 acres behind the Deep Run Horse Show facilities. Pine Crest Farm has 3 barns,  one 100x200 lighted all-weather footing riding ring, 10 paddocks and fields of all sizes, one cross country field with many jumps, and miles of trails. We feed high quality hay and Southern States grain. 2 staff members of Pine Crest live on the property in order to ensure the well being of all horses throughout the day and night.

The Main Barn
-20 12x12 fully matted stalls with fans 
-hot/cold wash stall
-numerous tack rooms to house boarders belongings
-heated/air-conditioned office with restroom and washer/dryer
-automatic fly spray system
-fans in each stall
-stalls cleaned multiple times throughout the day
-free choice hay 
-2 water buckets cleaned and refilled daily

The Lesson Barn
-8 12x12 stalls matted with fans
-2 tack rooms- 1 private tack room and 1 lesson tack room 
-1 indoor wash rack with hot and cold water
-feed room for both facilities
-fans in all the stalls
-stalls cleaned multiple times throughout the day
-2 water buckets cleaned and refilled daily
-free choice hay

The Tucker Barn
-4 Stall barn with 10x12 stalls
-older barn that used to house the Deep Run Hunt Staff Horses
-now used for storage and overflow