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In the Red “Red” is a 17.1 12 year old thoroughbred gelding who got a late start in life. Red retired sound from racing in 2012 and was “retired” to a field by his owner who wanted him to live out his days just being a horse. Due to change in circumstance, he was restarted and stopped in 2017 and 2018. He is currently w/t/c with lead changes in both directions and jumping small 2ft-2’6 courses. Red has a naturally balanced canter with a great rhythm and ground covering stride. He is very level headed and more of a quiet ride. He loves to hack out and could make a great cross country prospect. Red has horse shown at Sedgefield in the 2ft division and was in the ribbons including 2nd place out of a large 2ft group.

This talented horse as he could go in any direction and excel. We believe he is best suited for hunters, jumpers, or eventing. He could easily be brought along by an intermediate junior or amateur in a program that wants a nice horse on a budget. Red was originally purchased for our lesson program and proved to be too much for our primarily advanced beginner group and does best with one or two individuals.

He loads, clips, cross ties, bathes, stands for the farrier, can go out with mares or geldings and is low man in the field. He is very sweet, in your pocket, and wants to please. A good home is a must and we are open to offers. We are currently asking low-mid four figures and need the stall space.


Pine Crest Farm offers select school horses for half and full lease. We want to tailor your lease to your riding level and match you with the correct horse to ensure a positive experience for both horse and rider! We have different lease options in order to accomdate our riders! Leasing is a great way for riders to get more time in the saddle and have opportunities to show and grow as a rider!

***Please note, our most recent horses may not be listed on the website. Please contact us for a current list!

Horses/Ponies for Lease

Universe Drive- Universe or Uni

Universe is a 10 year old, 15.2 thoroughbred gelding who is as calm as they come. After his former profession as a police horse, anything goes with Universe! He is as bombproof as they come and a confidence boosting quiet, push ride. He has done very beginner lessons all the way to jumping 3ft with our advanced students. Uni is a great horse that is very versitile and willing to please his rider. He jumps great and is a cute mover! 

Taylor Swift- Taylor

Taylor is a 20 year old veteran medium pony. Taylor has a heart of gold and is as patient and quiet as they come. She is perfect for the beginner rider wanting to gain confidence and improve their skills. Taylor has shown in the leadline, pre-short stirrup, and short stirrup divisions. She is ready to help start your young rider and help them move up the divisions! Taylor loves children, is super sweet, and loves her attention.

**half lease and full lease available

Black Ice- Icey

Icey is a 11 year old thoroughbred gelding who is as quiet and sweet as they come! Icey is a quiet, push ride who aims to please his rider. He is a stick and spur ride and can w/t/c and swap his leads automatically. A show veteran, Icey has showen from local to rated shows in the 3ft adult and thoroughbred divisions as well as taken riders to horse shows for a confidence boost. Icey is sweet on the ground, very easy to work with, and will do anything asked of him for a treat. He is not for a very beginner rider, but best for an intermeadiate rider who wants to have some fun and go to a few horse shows. He jumps great and always gets a piece of the hack! 

~~Icey is available for half lease