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Horse Showing at Pine Crest Farm

Horse Showing

At Pine Crest Farm, we have a great group of adult and junior riders that enjoy showing off their hard work and learned skills at horse shows! We offer horse showing at all levels. We are conveniently located at the Deep Run Hunt Club's equine facility which is located directly behind the show grounds which makes showing a short walk down the road. Pine Crest offers showing on your horse or use of our school horses is also available.


 Pine Crest Farm regularly attends local hunter and jumper horse shows through out the show season. We attend a few USEF rated horse shows through out the year as interest warrants. Our head trainer, April Lamond, is the coach at all shows and her wealth of knowledge in horse showing helps rider's succeed at the shows!

IEA Teams

Since 2017, Pine Crest Farm has been home to a Middle School and High School IEA team! Our IEA teams and riders have been successful at the Regional, Zone, and National level while creating lasting friendships along the way!

What is IEA?

IEA is a great opportunity for riders to compete on team in a sport that is typically judged on the individual level. IEA mirrors collegiate level IHSA riding. IEA also levels the playing field for riders, as you do not bring your own horse to competitions. Instead, you ride horses provided by the hosting team. Any rider in grades 4 through 12 can join an IEA team.



IEA at Pine Crest Farm

IEA riders at Pine Crest Farm are required to take weekly lessons (at Pine Crest or another facility). Riders are required to attend monthly team practices and 2 hosted horse shows. The Pine Crest teams are coached by Sweet Briar IHSA Alumni, who brings a wealth of knowledge on IEA/IHSA riding and has fostered a supportive team atmosphere. For more information on our IEA team, please do not hesitate to reach out! 

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